Biofilter / Odor Control / Waste Air Treatment


Roof Gutter Biofilter - Series DRBF

The biofilters of the series DRBF have been specially designed for the odour elimination and corrosion reduction in roof drain pipes. Especially where rain water and waste water are lead to the same dewatering pipes there are often problems with odour and corrosion.

By the stack-effect of the roof drain pipe waste air which is contaminated with hydrogen sulfide and odor comes in contact with the windows of a house and gets inside. This annoying waste air is bad for the health as well; it causes headache and sometimes shortage of breath.

Another problem is that this waste air is causing corrosion at the roof drain pipes which are made for example of copper. The copper pipes first become black inside and during a few months only they can be completely perforated. At that stage they would have to be replaced.

Technical data and dimensions

TYPE Diameter of roof gutter biofilter
DRBF-100(CU/VA) 100mm above and under biofilter
DRBF-120(CU/VA) 120mm above and under biofilter



Datasheet roof gutter biofilter
pdf-file (appr. 126 kB)