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Biofilter and odor control systems
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bioteg biofilter systems are not in need of permanent maintenance.

bioteg biofilter systems are designed and built according to the VDI Richtlinie 3477 (version 03/2016).

bioteg biofilter systems are developed with a modular conception, so they can be adopted to any air flow. For our customers this means a solution with low invest, best performance and options for later addings of modules if it becomes necessary.

Biofilter - Series MBF
Manhole Biofilter

Special-Biofilter for reducing odor of manholes, they have proved their worth since many years, thousands of this filter type in use worldwide, best references, 3 years warranty for the filter material with outstanding properties:

  • high efficiency
  • very low back-pressure also after years
  • mounting in seconds without special tools
  • very low invest and maintenance cost

Biofilter - Series MCBF
Modular Container Biofilter

Automatic biofilter plant for all purposes

Biofilter - Series SRBF
Circular Stand-Alone Biofilter

Universal applicable small biofilter for waste air flows of 20 m3/h until 600 m3/h
available for operation in a cheap passive way as well as fully automatic operating compact biofilter plant with humidification

Biofilter - Series REBF
Vent Pipe Biofilter

Biofilter for odor elimination at ventilation or aeration pipes in pumping shafts.

Biofilter - Series BFP
Biofilter Cartridge

Biofilter cartridges for odor elimination for shaft covers with stainless steel pipes.

Biofilter - Series EBF
Drop-in Biofilter

Biofilter for dropping-in into covers of sludge-, excrement-, drainwater- and other tanks.
Best suitable also for pump stations.

Biofilter - Series EKBF
Ventilation Shaft Biofilter

Biofilter for odour reduction of waste water chambers with stainless steel cladding.

Biofilter - Series DRBF
Roof Gutter Biofilter

Biofilter for odour elimination and corrosion reduction in roof drain pipes.

Biofilter - Series DEBF
Force Main Biofilter

This special construction for odor elimination along force mains has been designed and tested in close cooperation with various german wastewater engineers and technicians. The biofilter series DEBF has been proven with best results for a long time already.

Products - Series GVK
Odor Flap

This flap is used to restrain annoying odors if there is not enough space or budget for installing any biofilter.

Products - Series SEVK
Odor Flap for Storm Water Drains

This flap is applied for the retention of smells of storm water drain fixtures or catch basin fixtures.

Products - Series WES
Sewer Infiltration Water Stop

This product is used for the restraint of surface water after heavy rainfalls from manholes.