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Imprint of bioteg Biofilter Systems GmbH

bioteg Biofilter Systems GmbH
Industriestrasse 11-13
D-95349 Thurnau

Tel: +49 9228 99600-0
Fax: +49 9228 99600-18

authorised representatives / Chief Executive Officers CEO:
Steffen Pönisch
Dr. Peter Wichmann

registered in the Commercial Register
" Amtsgericht Bayreuth"
Number: HRB 5595

liable to tax on sales according "Value Added Tax Act"
value added tax identification number VAT: DE284709294

responsible persons according; § 55 Abs. 2 RStV (German Law)
Steffen Pönisch und Dr. Peter Wichmann, Industriestrasse 11-13, D-95349 Thurnau



Terms of Use

1. Scope of application
Any use of these websites is only authorised according to the here published and listed terms. Starting to use these websites is at the same time the acceptance of these terms.

2. Services
bioteg provides on its websites informations and documents for downloads.
bioteg has the right to shut down these websites partly or totally at any time without giving reasons for that. and without announcing this before. bioteg does not take over any guarantee for the continuous availability of these websites.

3. Rights on text, informations and documents
The use of informations and documents provided here is under these conditions.
bioteg admits the user a not exclusive and not transferable right to take note of the here presented informations and documents. Neither informations nor documents are allowed to be sold, rented or in any other way given to third parties by the user.
The informations and documents are secured by copyright law and other laws and agreements regarding intellectual property. The user has to respect these rights. The paragraphs of the copyright law are not touched by these terms.

4. Intellectual property
Regardless of pos. 3. of these terms of use informations, brands and any other content are not allowed to be changed, copied, rented, used, complemented or otherwise exploited without written authorisation by bioteg in advance.
Beside the here specifically admitted rights of use the user gets no further rights, especially no rights of the company names, industrial property rights as patents, utility patents or brands. bioteg has no duty and will have no duty to admit such rights.

5. Hyperlinks
This website contains hyperlinks to websites of third parties. bioteg does not take over any responsibility for the contents of these websites and does not adopt these websites and their contents as its own. bioteg does not control these websites and their contents and is not responsible for the contents and informations which are presented there. The use of any hyperlink is on userīs own risk.

6. Liability for defects of title or defects as to quality
Because all informations and documents are presented by bioteg for free there is no liability for defects of title or defects as to quality regarding the informations and documents, especially their correctness, lack of mistakes, lack of righjts of third parties, completeness and/or usability - except in case of purpose or guile.
The informations on the website could contain specifications or general or technical descriptions of products which might not always be correct in each single case (for example because of product changes). The features of any product have therefore to be agreed on purchasing.

7. Other liability
In general any liability of bioteg is excluded as long as a liability is not fixed by law. The indemnity caused by hurting main contracted duties is restricted to the typical foreseeable damage as long as there is no purpose or gross negligence.
In spite of constant trying to keep the website virus-free any virus-freedom can not be guaranteed. Before downloading of any files or content the user has to take care for his own protection by adequate safety measures.
Any shifting of the burden of proof to the disadvantage of the user is not combined with the terms of pos. 7.

8. Privacy protection
bioteg is not collecting personal data of the user of its website so that any privacy regulations in the relationship between bioteg and the user of its website are not relevant.

9. Side-agreements
Side-agreements need to be in written form.

10. Place of venue
Place of venue is Bayreuth as long as the user is businessman in the sense of the Commercial Register.

11. Applicable law
German law applies.