Biofilter / Odor Control / Waste Air Treatment


Ventilation Shaft Biofilter - Series EKBF

The biofilters of the series EKBF which consist of a stainless steel cladding with integrated separately removable and refillable biofilter cartridge have been designed and optimized specially as a complete system for odor reduction of waste water chambers.
instead of a chimney the ventilation shaft can be used as a complete system. It can be put easily into the spigot and socket joint.
A strong ground plate of stainless steel fixes the system at the ground. The life time of these biofilters depends on the degree of contamination in the waste air and the operating conditions of the biofilter. It varies between 3 and 7 years. After this time the filter material can be composted and the biofilter be filled again.

Technical data and dimensions

TYPE weight*
DN 1 / DN 2
EKBF-300/1,2 58 7 300 / 150 1200 425
EKBF-300/1,7 72 11 350 / 150 1700 425
EKBF-400/1,2 80 14 400 / 200 1200 525
EKBF-400/1,7 98 21 400 / 200 1700 525
* operational weight (humidified and ready for use)
special sizes on request

H2 = 150mm for all EKBF


1. Ventilation shaft
2. Separate, refillable filter cartridge
3. Filter material
4. Area of support with gasket
5. Removable cover
6. Ground plate
7. Transition to spigot and socket joint
8. Drill hole d 17


Datasheet ventilation shaft biofilter
pdf-file (appr. 139 kB)