Biofilter / Odor Control / Waste Air Treatment


Modular Container Biofilter - Series MCBF

Our Modular Container Biofilter Systems consist of one to four double walled filtercontainers to treat airflow rates in a range of 300 m3/h to 20.000 m3/h. The outer wall is made of steel with a treated and painted outer surface. The inner surfaces are coated with 4 mm heavy-duty polyethylene. For higher air flow rates we offer special tanks as biofilter containers. The plants of the series MCBF are of a rugged design and for an automatic operation mainly free of maintenance.

Typical applications: waste water treatment plants (WWTP), landfills, composting facilities, food industry, chemical industry etc.

Figure: MCBF-1000: suitable for 1000m3/h waste air and two stage operation. MCBF plants are delivered ready to use (turn-key) to the customer and are tested 24h non-stop before. This guarantees a proper function.

Technical data and dimensions

TYPE flow
MCBF-500 500 3,00 2,20 1,60 1 4,5 0,8
MCBF-1000 1000 6,00 2,20 1,60 1 9 1,2
MCBF-1500 1500 6,00 2,20 2,00 1 11 1,5
MCBF-2000 2000 7,50 2,20 2,00 1 15 1,8
MCBF-3000 3500 9,00 2,20 2,00 1 17 2,5
MCBF-5000 6000 9,00 4,80 2,00 2 34 4,3
MCBF-7500 9000 9,00 7,30 2,00 3 51 6,5
MCBF-10000 12000 9,00 9,80 2,00 4 68 8,8


1. Container with filter material
2. Technical room
3. Door to technical room
4. Wall
5. Waste air pipe
6. Fresh water pipe
7. Drain pipe
8. Power line
9. Electric case
10. Stainless steel roof of technical room
11. Customer´s baseplate

Scheme of a MCBF Modular Container Biofilter

Waste air conditioning

Waste air is soaked through the cross stream scrubber by the radial ventilator. Water is re-circulated by a circulation pump. Loss of Water by evaporation is automatically refilled by means of electronic level sensors and by an electric valve. After being pre-cleaned and saturated with humidity, waste air is pushed through the biofilter beds, where micro-organisms metabolize organic and other odorous compounds. The humidifier (scrubber) can be opened easily for maintenance. The scrubbers water temperature is controlled by a sensor inside the scrubber. Setting and display of the scrubber temperature is done by the system control. So even at temperatures below 0°C a safe and stable operation is a matter of course.

Waste air cleaning

The radial fan soaks the preconditioned air stream from the scrubber into the biofilter-beds which are placed on grid elements inside the double-walled biofilter containers. As the air flows through the biologically active biofilter media inside the biofilter modules, the contaminants in the air stream are adsorbed into the water film surrounding the filter material, and are subsequently biologically degraded by microorganisms. The deodorised and decontaminated air is discharged to the atmosphere.


Datasheet modular container biofilter
pdf-file (appr. 283 kB)