Biofilter / Odor Control / Waste Air Treatment


Manhole Biofilter - Series MBF

Manhole biofilters are used more and more for elimination of odors from sewerage systems. The odourous compounds were eliminated by microorganism before they could get into the atmosphere. So the manhole biofilter of the series MBF is the perfect solution for eliminating odors around any manhole.

The biofilter material which is natural torn root wood is going to be optimized by a special bioteg pre-conditioning. Root wood is very stable and does not change its physical and microbiological properties within short time. There is more or less no compaction of the filter material which results in the long-time-stability of 4 til 7 years. The used materials which come into contact with the waste air (EPDM, PE or stainless steel 1.4571) have a high persistance against aggressive media.

  • high efficiency
  • small pressure drop < 100 Pa
  • fast installation within seconds, without tools
    (stainless steel GullyQUICK Hanger System)
  • very low investment costs
  • trouble free operation
  • very low maintenance
  • weight at point of delivery: appr. 18 kg
  • loading capacity of hanger system: appr. 300 kg
  • dirt trap does not need to be removed, if present at all
  • easy and inexpensive replacement of filter material
  • no hazardous byproducts
  • Used filter material can be readily composted


Datasheet manhole biofilter
pdf-file (appr. 491 kB)