Biofilter / Odor Control / Waste Air Treatment


Force Main Biofilter - Series DEBF

The biofilters of the series DEBF have been specially designed to reduce sewage odors emitting from force main air release valves. The filter is mounted above or below the ground to the connecting piece of a force main ventilation pipe. They can be run as inexpensive passive biofilters with a vent stack or can be equipped with a ventilator.The Bioteg Force Main Biofilters can be networked to adapt to greater airflow rates.

Depending on the evnvironmental conditions the biofilter material may last up to 7 years. The replacement of the filter material is an easy and inexpensive process. The used biofilter material can then be readily composted.

Technical data and dimensions

TYPE weight*
DEBF-25 200 25 790 900 500 til 1500
DEBF-50 350 50 990 1050
DEBF-75 490 70 1190 1100
* operational weight, humidified and ready to use
** Vent stack (H2) according to requirements Special sizes upon request


1. Filter body
2. removable cover
3. Filter material
4. fan cover
5. vent stack
6. fan with housing
7. Flange ring for mounting on ventilation pipe


Datasheet force main biofilter
pdf-file (appr. 173 kB)